Prayer to Lugh Against Opposition

A spear with flames streaming like waves of a brazen sea in ripples along its length
appears before the eyes of my mind, my heart, my soul,
held by a man whose face shines with the brilliance of a flowering sun,
from whose fingertips and from each hair on whose head leap bold lightning strikes,
jagged scythes through the Cosmos that strike down all who oppose him,
each flash like the spear he holds, of stiff and flowing molten bronze,
which he will direct with his sure arm to its true target.
Lugh, you know the target I have in mind,
the walls, and those who man them, who stand in my way,
who press on me with many threats to my own true actions:
as you are true, and your aim, so am I and my purpose.
And that is why I dare ask you to loose your spear against my adversaries.
Help one who will be properly grateful,
speaking of the power you wield in gatherings of men.