Prayer to Helios for Self-Transformation

You, Helios, see everything through your light that shines on us.
I open myself to that light;
I welcome you to my most inner places,
to shine in my darkness.
Each hidden secret,
each unknown shame,
each unrecognized flaw,
all that is in me that I have pushed deep away,
and denied the existence of my responsibility for:
fill these with your unrelenting scrutinizing fire,
show them to me with irresistible clarity.
And when I run from these terrors, leave me no place to hide.
When I seem to rationalize, leave me no explanation,
and when I seek to excuse them, leave me nothing on which to base my excuses.
And when I submit myself at last to the truth your display,
may it be a purifying river of molten gold into which I am thrown.
I will burn:
but oh, how I'll shine!