Prayer to Diana

O My Goddess, Diana, hear my song of adoration.
Hear my voice when I sing Thy praises.
Hear my songs as they rise heavenward,
When the Full Moon, brightly shining,
Fills the heavens with Thy beauty.

O my beautiful Moon Goddess,
Hear me as I stand before Thee.
See me when I reach toward heaven,
When my arms reach upward toward Thee.
When the Full Moon shines upon me,
Give me Thy blessings, O Diana.

Teach me of Thine ancient mysteries,
Ancient rites of invocation
That the Holy Strega spoke of,
For I believe the Strega's story:
When she spoke of Thy shining glory,
When she told us to entreat Thee,
Told us when we seek for knowledge
To seek and find Thee above all others.

Give us wisdom, O Diana:
How to bind our oppressors,
How to cure the sick among us.
Teach me, O Diana.
Give me Thy blessings,
O Great Moon Goddess.
Shield me from my oppressors.

Receive me as your daughter, Diana.
Receive me, though I am earth-bound.
Grant me ancient Wiccan knowledge.
When my body lies resting nightly,
Speak unto my inner spirit;
Teach me all Thy holy mysteries.

I believe Thine ancient promise,
Thy promise unto the ancient Wicca
That we who seek Thy holy presence
Will receive Thy Wisdom.

Now the Full Moon shines upon me.
Hear me! I stand before Thee!
Grant me wisdom! O Diana!
Shield me from my oppressors!
Teach me Thine holy mysteries!
I sing Thy praises unto the heavens.

Let Thy glory shine about me.
Bless us, O gracious Queen of Heaven.
Descend Thou among us;
Descend and conquer,
Gracious Goddess.