Prayer of Praise and Persuasion

Listen, fair-armned daughters of loud-thundering Zeus
who received thickly-wooded Helikon as your lot,
come here and sing of your brother Phoibos of the golden hair,
who, together with the well-known Delphic women,
comes up Mt. Pamassus’ twin-peaked rock to visit the streams of the well-supplied Kastalian Spring,
up the Delphic slope to occupy his prophetic seat.
Behold the people of great and famous Athens
who joyfully reside on the unshakeable plain of the heavily armed Tritonian!
See how on holy altars Hephaistos bums the thighs of young bulls;
Arabian incense wafts up to Olympus with the flames!
The reed instrument pipes its piercing strain of trilling notes;
the golden sweet-voiced kithara resounds with hymns.
The entire company of choristers from Athens hymns you, son of mighty Zeus,
famed for your kithara-playing, beside this snow-capped place;
you who provide for all mortals unerring divine prophecies since you took over the prophetic tripod which the wicked dragon used to guard.
Then you pierced the gleaming serpent coils with your arrows,
till the beast, emitting repeated hideous squeals, gave up the ghost at last.
Likewise the barbarian horde of Gauls
who sacrilegiously invaded this land died in the driving wet snow blizzard.