Prayer of Healing to Asklepios

It was an honor for you to be struck down by the hand of Zeus,
a great honor to be so treated,
the greatest of honors to be so feared by the gods.
You were breaking the natural order of things, keeping me from death,
so you were punished.
Zeus treated you justly, Asklepios,
and I have no quarrel with him.
I don't ask for immortality, then,
but only for health in the time allotted me.
The gods may know what that time is
(or maybe they don't; maybe it is in the hands of a Fate beyond them)
but I do not.
So I ask you, Asklepios, for health while I live.
End this sickness that weighs me down.
You have the power and need only use it.
Give health to one who confidently worships you.