Prayer for the Tomato Season

I stop for a moment to praise tomatoes,
honoring them by eating one.
Lovely are you spirits who grow such things.
First I praise their shapes —
they shun the easy perfection of the sphere
and take instead their own forms.
Their weight is worth praising,
and the depth of their color.
Before I eat this one, I smell it, taking its scent in deeply,
finding in me a resonance that tells me that this is the smell of fertile Earth.
Their skin, though stretched tightly, yields quickly;
it has performed its duty of containing treasure with uncommon devotion
and now relinquishes command to me.
With silent thanks, then, I accept the task
and eagerly receive the honor so bestowed,
hoping, by so doing, to honor in turn the giver of the gift and the gift itself.

Serith, Ceisiwr — A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book