Prayer for the Recently Dead

You are journeying across the dividing water that lies between this world and the next,
carried away by the ferryman on your way.
Look ahead of you, do not look behind.
Look ahead of you, where your destiny lies.
Do you see them? They are there, ahead of you on the other shore.
Slowly they become visible to you;
the shining ones appear slowly out of the concealing mists.
Clearly they appear to you, though hidden from our eyes.
Go to them, they welcome you.
Go to them, not stopping for farewells.
Holy Ones in the world beyond,
open wide your arms to receive this one who is journeying to you.
Make him/her a home, bring him/her to rest.
Farewell, (name).
We who have loved you wish you a good journey.

Serith, Ceisiwr — A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book