Prayer for Justice

O Perses, cast these words into your mind,
And heed the call of Justice,
but forget about the use of violence altogether.
For this is the law that Cronus’ son imposed
Upon mankind; but fish, and wild beasts,
And winged birds, he bade eat one another,
Since Justice is a thing unknown among them.
But to human beings he gave Justice,
Which is the best by far. For one who’s willing
To know what’s just and speak it out in counsel —
To that man Zeus, who thunders far, gives riches.
But one who, in his testimony, lies,
Who violates the oath he swore — at once
He gives a wound to Justice and is wounded
Incurably himself — his lineage
Is left thereafter more obscure than formerly.
As for the man who keeps his oath, his line
In time to come is greater than before.