Prayer for Help with a Decision

Listen to me, you who grant wisdom:
The stories that have been told about you from the times when our race was young have taught me that you are the clearest of thinkers and the best at deciding the proper path.
I find myself now with a choice to make and I do not know how to make it. Without a clear road before me, then, I turn to you for help.
Path-Maker, Way-Shower, what should I do?
I ask that you give me a sign to help me decide.
Come to me with your clear counsel; come to me with advice.
Come to me, whether in a dream, or in the chance remark of a stranger, or in my own deliberations.
May my decision reflect your calm wisdom, and my life become thereby a pleasure for you to see.

Serith, Ceisiwr — A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book