Prayer for Healing

Great Mother,
You of infinite love and grace,
I, your Wiccan daughter/son (name),
call upon You in the name of (name of person you’re praying for)
so that he/she may be healed as quickly as possible.
Give him/her spiritual assistance to overcome this medical problem,
lift his/her spirits, and give him/her hope and confidence so that he/she can be well again.
Bless his/her body with restorative energy and lighten the stressful load, and calm his/her emotional pain.
Bring harmony to body, mind, and spirit.
Ensure that he/she receives the right medical care from the right people at the right time.
I know that You will do this for him/her
and I am confident that he/she will receive what is needed, and more.
In the name of the Lord and Lady, so mote it be.