Prayer Asking the Goddess to Appear

Great Mother, help me.
I have studied your ways for many years now, and still you hide yourself from me.
I can call to you under a multitude of names, but still you do not come.
I can tell a large number of your stories, but still I do not know who you are.
I have many pictures of you, but still I have not seen your face.
Though I throw out titles and powers and associations in mad armfuls,
still there is nothing there when the whirlwind I create has become still.
In that nothing, then, in the quiet after my storm, I will await you.
Come to me, if such is your will, or do not come to me, if such is your will.
Still I will wait.
What else can I do?

Serith, Ceisiwr — A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book