Posies and Honey Parent Love Spell


  • Clean, empty medium-size soda bottle with a resealable cap
  • Honey
  • Small flowers and herbs of love (clover, rose, daisy, etc)
  • Pinch of basil
  • Your favorite perfume
  • Piece of paper with your name on it

Cast your circle and call your quarters. Do your altar devotion, cleanse, consecrate, and empower your supplies in the name of love.

Hold the flowers in your hands and say:
"Petals soft, and fragrance pure
Love of family will endure."

Put the flowers in the bottle as gently as possible. Hold the basil in your hand and say:
"Herb of friendship
Herb of love
Power of sympathy
Purity of dove.
Bring the energy
Of Spirit above."

Put the basil into the bottle. Pick up the perfume and say:
"Scent of mine
Love times nine."

Add nine drops of the perfume to the contents of the bottle. Pick up the piece of paper with your name written on it and say:
"This my name in my hand of write.
I mix, I stir, I make things right.
I bring the change, with loving light."

Pour the honey into the bottle until the honey covers the flowers. Say:
"Liquid gold, fluid of love, gift of herbal gold
Meld together the energies of this bottle."

Put the piece of paper with your name on it in the bottle. Seal the bottle. Hold the bottle in your hands and repeatedly chant, for as long as possible:
"I bring the change, with loving light."

When you have finished, take the bottle to each of the four quarters and ask for the blessings of the elements on the bottle. Stand in the center of your circle and say:
"With harm to none.
May all astrological correspondences be correct
For this working, and may this spell not reverse,
Or place upon me any curse.
So mote it be!
The change has begun!"

Close your quarters and release the circle. Take the bottle, shake it three times, then set the bottle in your room somewhere. Shake the bottle three times every day until the change you have requested happens, then bury the bottle in your yard.