Peace Be with You Spell


  • Picture of you and your friend together
  • Pair of scissors
  • Black cloth
  • Illuminator candles
  • Bowl of water
  • Box of tissues

In the fourth quarter of the moon, or when the moon is in Libra or Aquarius, or on a Saturday, place the picture, the bowl of water, and the scissors on the black cloth on your altar. Keep the tissues handy, you may need them.

Light the illuminator candles, asking that the illumination of Spirit come into your life during this difficult time. Place your hands in the bowl of water and ask that all anger and unhappiness over this situation be removed from your body, soul and mind. Allow the negativity to flow into your fingertips and then into the water.

When you are finished, say: "So mote it be" then set the water aside.

Hold your hands over the picture, and say:
"Once upon a time, in a land of happiness a friend and I went walking in joy and harmony. But now that time is passing, and we two are not as one; I must break the bond between us, and journey on alone. I honor the gifts we had, and wish him/her the very best, in hopes that healing comes quickly, right now at my request. It isn't easy to say goodbye, but I know the time is right to separate that bond of joy that held the sacred light. Friends will come and friends will go, like waves upon the beach. I ask that Spirit heal the wounds, may we not be out of reach of love and joy and faith and peace — the miracles of life. Upon this day I close the book, this chapter it is written, future friends await my gifts, of that I know I'm certain."

Pick up the picture and cut between the two of you so that you are on one piece and the lost friend is on the other. Place your picture on the altar between the illuminator candles. Wrap your friend's picture in the black cloth. Say:
"It is done. We are separated in love and healing. The gods alone determine his/her fate. So mote it be."

Take the picture wrapped in black cloth to a crossroads and say:
"Go thee hence from the threshold of my life. Return nevermore. Your fate is in the hands of the gods. So mote it be!"