Ostara Invocation

Ouroborus tells us the beginning has no end
Alpha and Omega — all reside within.
Pisces swims beyond the veil
Aries on the rise.
Mars becomes the focal point
Capturing the prize.
The moon slips through her mansions
Dancing in the signs
Stars are fixed yet active
The treasures of the mind.
The air is filled with harmony
Of plant and bloom and bud
Each egg foretells the birthing
Of peace, and joy, and love.
Persephone emerges as winter falls away
Mother Earth rejoices —
Her daughter’s come to stay.
As days grow long and nights are warm
The Goddess reigns supreme
Her power rises in my blood
I command all things unseen!
Magick symbols, knots and cords
Wand and staff and blade
Earth and water, fire and air
Become the Witch’s trade.
I am the ground, the sea, the sky
The breezes springtime sweet
Gods and spirits dance the round
Within this circle meet.
I conjure thee, O leaves of spring
Hyacinth and myrtle
Roses, lilacs, lavender
Black earth, warm and fertile.
Gifts of Gaia, Green Man rule
My wishes come to form
Good fortune roots within my world
Prosperity is born!