Orange Love Spell


  • Smooth board
  • Box of new cornmeal
  • Butter knife
  • Pencil
  • Firm orange
  • Allspice
  • Red rose
  • 1 aspirin
  • Spring water
  • Pink candle
  • Love oil or perfume
  • Spoon
  • Water
  • Plastic bag
First, draw the seven symbols of the planets on the board with the cornmeal. Use the knife and pencil to help push the cornmeal into the shape of the symbols. Set aside until you are ready to complete the spell. The symbols are:
sun_zpsf0yh9hja.png Your will.
moon_zpsnjn26ook.png Your emotions.
mercury_zpsblfftvy7.png Your ability to communicate.
Venus_zpszeibopit.png Your ability to socialize and see beauty.
Mars_zpso63wodaq.png Your ability to take action.
Jupiter_zpsumih4tbf.png Your faith and your ability to expand.
Saturn_zpsyfaof6il.png Your ability to work with structure and listen to inner wisdom.

As you draw the symbols, repeat what they are for.

When the moon is new, cast a magick circle. Cleanse, consecrate, and empower all supplies. Cut the orange in half and spoon out the pulp of one half of the orange. Sprinkle this half with allspice and fill ¾ with water. Crush the aspirin and sprinkle in the water. Float the rose on top. Place the hollowed orange with the rose in the center of the seven-planet drawing on the previously prepared flat board. Rub love oil or spray candle with perfume. Place the candle beside the orange, light it, and say:
"Love enters this place."

Hold your hands over the rose, and say:
"From the sun, love will come.
From the moon, love's sweet tune.
From Mercury, thoughts of clarity.
From Venus, honesty.
From Mars, passion be.
From Jupiter, faith to love.
From Saturn, wisdom from above.
Force and form at my command
Fulfill my will as I demand.
So mote it be."

Allow the candle to burn completely. Release the circle. Take the other half of the orange and place it outside at a crossroads, saying:
"Vortex of energy, as I will, so mote it be.
Love will find a pathway and quickly come to me."

Let the love altar remain in place for seven days. On the eighth day, dump the cornmeal from the drawings, the orange, rose, water, and any end remaining from the pink candle into a plastic bag. Take the bag to the same crossroads and empty, repeating the "Vortex of energy" portion of the charm.