Non-Magickals Enlightenment Spell


  • White candle
  • Chalice of water
  • White altar cloth
  • Paper and pen

Cover your altar with the white altar cloth, and then put the candle in a holder and the chalice of water on it.

Draw a magick circle, set the elemental powers in place, and invite your favorite divine energies into the circle. As you light the candle, imagine your life being filled with like-minded people; those that believe in magick. As you light the candle say three times:
"Candle of magick, white candle light
Enlighten all non-magickal, make them bright!"

Hold the chalice of water upward in your hands, merge with the power of Water, and empower the liquid by saying:
“As the tides flow and the moon spins,
May the non-magickal be enlightened, and the magick begin
May we merry meet and blessed be,
So be it! So mote it be!”

Swirl the water around clockwise in the chalice three times. Do this carefully so that none of it splashes out. As you do this, imagine the water being filled with Divine energy. Then drink the water from the chalice.

Sit or recline comfortably in front of your altar, and start to think of steps you can personally take to bring more magick into your life and into the lives of those you love. Make some brief notes to refer to later.

Use the candle light as a meditative tool, merging with the powers of fire.

When you are finished, bid farewell to the elements, thank the Divine energies that helped you, and pull up the circle. In the next few days, refer to your notes and take some of the steps you wrote down.