Mummy Spell


  • Empty plastic soda/water bottle
  • Tiger-eye gemstone (or smooth pebble)
  • Picture of yourself
  • Roll of white medical gauze
  • Glue
  • Persons name or picture
  • Paint brush
  • White candle

Place your picture in the bottle. Hold the tiger-eye gem in your hand and while rolling the stone around in your palm, repeat several times:
"Spirit of stone, truth be known."

Drop the stone into the bottle and cap it. Seal it with the wax of the candle and allow to dry. Begin winding the gauze around the bottle, using the glue to tack it in place. Cover the bottle up to the neck. With a disposable paint brush, lightly coat the gauze with glue. As you work with the gauze, keep repeating:
"Only truth can come to me, as I will so mote it be."

Place the person's picture or name in the center of your altar. Place the mummy bottle on top. Cast a circle and call divinity. Hold your hand over the bottle, and in your own words address your concerns about this person. Ask for the truth and that the best thing happen for you in this situation. Thank deity and release.