Morning Rite


  • Small stone
  • Cup or chalice of water
  • Incense
  • Essential oil

Begin by setting your altar with a small stone, cup or chalice of water, a bit of incense, and an essential oil that you find pleasing.

Take a moment to reflect before your altar in silence and think about the types of energies that you would like to call to yourself to influence the unfolding day. Imagine your perfect day and try to form a very clear image of it in your mind. You may have a specific accomplishment in mind, or perhaps there is a new and beneficial habit you have been wanting to adopt but are procrastinating about. Picture yourself in a state of attainment. See yourself achieving what your heart desires. Imagine yourself doing all of the "I meant to's" in a state of joy and satisfaction.

When the image of what you want is clear, speak the following words aloud, or improvise your own:
"Rosy-fingered Eos, goddess of the dawn who paints the morning sky with light
I ask for your blessing and rejoice as you set the sky alight.
I anoint myself as your child, alive and anew with your radiant energy."

Take your vial of oil and place a small drop on your fingertip. Touch your fingertip to your third eye. See yourself bathed in the light of the breaking dawn.

Light the incense and let its perfume waft over you. Take in its aroma and speak the following words:
"The fires of day have risen. Let my heart's desire rise up to the feet of the Goddess, that she may gather and direct my sacred intention with her wisdom and power. As the sun climbs through the sky, bless me, Lady of the Morning, who bestows all abundance to her devotees. So mote it be."

Take the cup of water and hold it aloft to greet the day. Bring it down to chest level, close to your heart. Dip your fingers in the water, close your eyes, and place a little water on each eyelid.
"Beautiful Iris, who adorns the sky with rainbows of light, bring me clarity of vision and bless my sight that I may see the true nature of those around me. May I be blessed in your eyes."

Take the stone and hold it in your hands, feeling it come alive with your energy. Imbue the stone with the intentions of what you would most like to manifest on this day. As you hold the stone, speak the following words or improvise your own:
"Blessed earth, blessed by the dawn, I honor you and your unending grace. May my existence be blessed with your sacred treasure. May I share the abundance of the Goddess on this day."

You may carry the stone around with you as a talisman to aid in maintaining your focus throughout the day. You can also personalize the preceding rite by using other goddess names.