Money Wheel


  • Clay
  • 12 large paper clips
  • 12 new 1 dollar bills
  • Magnet
  • Pencil or nail
  • Pen
  • Mixture of ground cinnamon and clove
  • Green candle with the Feoh rune inscribed (optional)

Shape the clay into a smooth ball, then flatten it. Draw a pentacle in the center with a pencil or nail, and write your initials in the center of the pentacle. Embed the paper clips on the end around the pentacle, like the spokes of a wheel. The paper clips should be positioned so that they can hold a folded dollar bill. Allow the disk to dry. Write the following on each dollar bill:
Money must come to me.

Rub each dollar with the mixture of ground cinnamon and clove, repeating the statement seven times for each dollar. Neatly fold the dollars and place one dollar on each paper clip, repeating:
"Money must come to me."

Place the magnet in the center of the pentacle and set your project on your altar. Each day for seven days turn the wheel seven times, repeating:
"Money must come to me."

If you have a specific amount of money you need, then place the dollar amount on a piece of paper with the words "and a little extra". Fold the paper and put under the magnet. You may also wish to burn one green votive candle inscribed with the Feoh rune each night to add strength to the spell.