Money Maker Shaker Spell


  • Empty can of chips with lid
  • 2 large sheets of green construction paper
  • Green marker
  • Handful of silver change
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors

Create sacred space. Cleanse, consecrate, and empower all supplies in the name of prosperity. Cut the green construction paper to fit the outside of the chip can, glue it in place and allow to dry. Decorate the tube any way you like. Put symbols on the tube that represent money and prosperity to you.

Call upon Rosemerta, Goddess of abundance. Ask for Her aid in making your shaker tube a magickal tool to bring forth prosperity. Place the silver coins in the tube. Glue or tape the lid in place so that your money won't roll out when you shake the tube. Sit quietly and shake the tube softly. Repeatedly chant:
"Money come, on the run."

When you finish, state:
"With harm to none.
May this spell not reverse, or place upon me any curse.
May all astrological correspondences be correct for this working.
So mote it be."

Thank Spirit, close the quarters and release the circle. Put your money shaker in a safe place.