Making a Magick Pooka


  • White candle
  • A place for your pooka to live (a ring, pendant, stone, coin, ect.)
  • Sheet of paper
  • Pen
  • Large Mirror

The pooka in Irish legend was often a shape-shifter who could appear in human or animal form. Similar to the brownie, pookas are energetic beings who are friendly, helpful, and well-disposed to mortals.

Before beginning, decide what you intend to create, and where you are going to house your pooka. Rings, pendants, stones, or coins all make good homes. Avoid using electronic devices because their magnetic fields can be disrupted by this process. Also situate yourself in a way so you can look into a large mirror while you do this work. Then read over the following steps a few times before attempting them.

  1. Determine your pooka’s nature. Imagine it in your mind. For example, does it look like a cat, owl, wolf, horse, or a large white rabbit?
  2. Determine how long will it live. Will it be a lifelong companion? If so, select a word or simple phrase that will free it at the time of your death, so it can live on.
  3. Decide what tasks it will perform. Do you want it to protect you, bring more love and prosperity into your life, help you attain your magickal goals, inspire your creativity, or all of the above?
  4. Determine its food supply and basis of nourishment. For example, it can live off of sound, hydrogen, or light.
  5. Decide on your pooka’s name so you can easily summon it.

Write down all of these details (1-5) on a sheet of paper.

Draw a magick circle, and set the elemental powers in place. Light the candle, and begin staring into the mirror. You should be able to see the reflection of both of your hands clearly in the looking glass. If not, reposition the mirror and yourself so that you can see your hands clearly.

Next, merge with the intention and expectation of successfully creating your pooka. Focus all of your attention on the task. Your pooka’s abilities and level of power correspond directly to the depth of your merge. As you merge deeply, and then deeper still, watch your reflection in the mirror, and begin imagining yourself actually holding a sphere or ball of pure light. Continue watching your reflection in the mirror, and then begin to shape this bright ball of energy with your mind and hands, creating your pooka exactly as you imagined it. Make it so that there is no distinction between you and your image in the mirror.

Then place your pooka in its home by holding the ring, pendant, stone, or coin, and willing the energetic being into place. I also suggest you leave a “back door” for your pooka, allowing it to venture out on its own when resting from its tasks. By doing so, you give your pooka an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve. Do this by willing it so.

Put the ring or pendant on, or carry the stone or coin on your person.

If you feel you have made an error in the procedure, release the pooka and try again. To release your pooka, simply merge again as deeply as when you originally created it, and let the pooka go.

When you are finished, allow the candle to safely burn down on its own, release the elemental powers, thank the deity, and pull up your magick circle. Always carry your pooka with you, calling upon it to perform its tasks when needed. Remember, your pooka reflects or mirrors you, absorbing everything that it comes into contact with. Treated with respect, it can become a dear companion. After all, you are its mother and father.