Make a Protection Charm


  • Large bowl
  • 9 inch by 9 inch white cotton cloth
  • 18 inch length of purple ribbon or yarn
  • 1 ounce ground cumin
  • 1 pound sea salt
  • 9 bay leaves
  • 9 pinches of St. John’s Wort
  • 9 pinches dried rosemary
  • 9 whole cloves

Time: Waning moon preferably Sunday or Tuesday night

At dusk, just before it gets dark, mix the sea salt and ground cumin together in the large bowl, and take it outside. Begin at the end of your driveway (or the entryway to your home such as a stairwell or walkway). Face East, and then walk completely around your property in a clockwise pattern, sprinkling the herbal mixture in the bowl around the edges of your property, ending at the same point you began. Imagine a protective border of white light coming from the herbs. The salt and cumin keep unwanted energies from entering your property. The cumin can be irritating to your eyes, nose, lips, and so forth, so be careful.

Go back indoors and wash the herbs off your hands, and then mix the other herbs together, piling them in the center of the white cloth. Bring each corner of the cloth up to the center, one at a time, in a clockwise motion, beginning with the topmost (North) corner. When all of the corners are together, four folds will be sticking out. In a clockwise motion, bring the corners of these folds into the center as well. Use the purple ribbon or yarn to wrap around the neck of the cloth nine times, just above the herbs, holding them in place. Each time you wrap the ribbon around say:
“Three and three and three is nine
Each wrap makes this charm divine.
Blessed be! So be it!”

Then, knot each end of the ribbon nine times. With each knot you tie, say:
“Three and three and three is nine
Each knot makes this charm divine.
Blessed be! So be it!”

Lie back, and hold the charm in your hands. Close your eyes, and imagine a warm white light completely surrounding you like a brilliant white egg. See and sense this white light moving through your arms, hands, and into the charm bag. Feel the warmth, the safety, the protection of this bright white light. Imagine the charm bag radiating a brilliant light, and then merge completely with the light. Hold the charm in your hands as you sleep, or place it in your pillowcase for the night. I suggest that you empower the charm every week or so, making a new charm bag once a month, until you feel safe and protected from negative energies.