Magnolia Beauty Spell


  • All your makeup, beauty supplies, body cleaning products, and jewelry
  • Holy water
  • Empty misting bottle
  • Hand mirror

On the night of the full moon, do this spell by a window that will allow you to reflect the rays of the full moon onto your things. If this isn't possible, put your things into a box and take them outside.

Set everything on your altar. Cast your magick circle, call your quarters, and do your altar devotion. Cleanse, consecrate, and empower all of your things in the name of love and beauty. Call on the energies of Venus or Aphrodite to help you in creating a beautiful, new you.

Pour the holy water into the misting bottle. Hold the bottle in your hands and say:
"Element of Water
Blessed and empowered by Spirit
Awaken the beauty within me.

Element of Water
Moving, flowing, transforming.
Loving Venus, Beautiful Aphrodite
Touch this water
Bring your essence of love and beauty
Into my body."

Lightly mist each item sitting on your altar, each time saying:
"The power of beauty in me, around me, on me.
The power of love in me, around me, on me."

Take the hand mirror and shine the rays of the full moon on the objects while saying:
"Moon, moon, mother moon
Brightest star and Witch's broom
Sweep out negativity
Fill my soul with your beauty.
Constellations and comets too
Loving words and sonnets new
Full moon energy, shine and grow
On my life please, blessings bestow.
Round and round
Up and down
Circle near
Enter here!
May the blessings of the Mother be upon me
Now, and in my days to come.
So mote it be!"

When you have finished, walk to each quarter and ask for the blessings of beauty and love upon you. Thank Spirit. Close the quarters, release the circle, and put all your things away. Do this spell once a month or when you replenish most of your beauty and body cleaning supplies.