Lughnasadh Ritual


  • Summer flowers
  • Yellow altar cloth
  • Yellow candles
  • Bell

Note: Summer flowers are on the altar and around the Circle. The altar cloth and candles should be yellow.

The Erecting the Temple is performed. This may be followed by Full Moon or New Moon Rite, if appropriate. The Bell is rung three times by Covener acting as Summoner.

Summoner: "Haste! Haste! No time to wait! We're off to the Sabbat so don't be late!"

Priest/ess: "To the Sabbat!"

All: "To the Sabbat!"

With Priest and Priestess leading, the coven move deosil around the Circle, walking or dancing. Circle as many times as you wish. Priest/ess starts a hymn to the gods and all join in. Finally all halt and stop singing.

Covener: "The powers of life and death are held by the gods."

Covener: "Great is the power of the Mighty Ones."

Covener: "God is old yet young."

Covener: "And the power is his."

Then follows an enactment of a seasonal motif (e.g. Death and rebirth of the god, leading to a great harvest-thinning of plants, toward a better harvest; strength and testing; killing of older god by younger god, with funeral games to honor the dead one). Bell is rung seven times.

Covener: "In the midst of our Lady's rule do we remember her brother/lover/husband.
Great is his power through his union with the Goddess.
And through his death and rebirth, as the younger son,
Is the harvest assured and the power passed on,
To grow and spread wide to all he loves.
Remember the Lord, yet in him ever see the Lady.
Praise the Lady and, through her, the Lord."

Priest: "Blessed be the Lady of the Circle."

All: "And blessed be her Lord."

Priestess: "May the surplus be drawn from the land."

All: "That the body may be filled with strength."

Priest: "Power to the Lord."

All: "And power to the Lady."

Priestess: "Let the old wane."

All: "That the young may wax anew."

Priest: "Ever turns the Wheel."

All: "Ever onward."

Priest and Priestess lead the coven in a dance about the Circle. This may be followed, or accompanied, by a song or chant.

All, except Priest and one male Covener, sit. Priest then dances around, deosil, between the seated coveners and the line of the Circle. Male Covener dances around widdershins, between the coveners and the altar (in other words, one outside the ring, going clockwise, and one inside, going counter-clockwise). As they pass each other they strike hands over the coveners' heads. Coveners may, if they wish, clap the beat for them to dance to, shouting "Lugh!" at the striking of hands. They circle and strike hands twelve times. At the twelfth strike the Priest drops to the ground and Covener jumps over the seated ones to run once around the circle, deosil now, along the Priest's path. Returning to the Priest, he helps him to his feet and they embrace. All cheer and come to their feet.

Priest: "Lady and Lord, we thank thee,
For all that has been raised from the soil.
May it grow in strength from now till harvest.
We thank thee for this promise of fruits to come.
Let the power of our Lord Be in each and every one of us
At this time and throughout the year."

All: "So Mote it be."

The bell is rung three times. Then shall follow the ceremony of Cakes and Ale. After that the Clearing of the Temple is performed so that there is plenty of room for fun, games and entertainment (which may still take place around the altar if desired). The evening concludes with a feast.