Love Spell


  • Lock of hair
  • Bay leaves
  • Verbena leaves
  • Flowers
  • Marjoram limbs
  • Red candle

Take a lock of hair from the person you love, then make with it as many knots as rivals there are, saying in a low voice the name and surname of each rival. Throw it into a fire in which there will be bay leaves, verbena leaves, flowers and marjoram limbs. As you throw it say three times in a loud voice:
“Scheva, annul the powers of my rivals.”

From that moment on the person that you love won’t notice any other person except you. Inscribe a red candle with your name, then face South and light it. Invoke the fire element by chanting:
“Fire, I call upon your heat
To aide me in this magickal feat
Bring me what I ask of thee
As I will, so mote it be!”

Sit in front of the candle and watch its flame dance for a few moments. Chant three times:
“Let passion flow in me, around and about,
Let its tides fill me fully, within and throughout.
Grant new zest and vigor for what comes my way,
And grand that I eagerly seize each new day.”

Let the candle completely burn out.