Love Candle


  • Pink candle
  • Herbs
  • Oil
  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Mortar and pestle

Hollow out a hole in the bottom of the candle, about an inch deep. Save the shavings of wax.

Grind the oils and herbs together with your mortar and pestle. While you do this, charge the herbs by chanting:
“True love, come unto me,
Over mountain, land and sea.
Into these herbs of passions fire,
Send tome my heart’s desire.”

Load the magickally charged herbs into the hole in the candle. Melt the wax shavings and seal the hole.

Inscribe your magickal intent on the candle with the crystal and anoint the candle with blessing oil. Light the candle and send out the energy.

Make sure you burn the candle in a deep candle cup because when the flame reaches the herbs they usually ignite and send the energy out quickly.