Travel Prayer

This road I step on joins with all the other roads, forming an irregular net over the Earth, as if we could capture Her, an absurd and forlorn hope:
the net is only a decoration for her, like a golden hairnet on a beautiful woman.
So as I set myself on the road,
as I begin my traveling,
I make this offering to the Lord of Paths,
and I make offering to Earth.
But this net, and all roads, end at the sea.
So surprisingly, as I begin this travel across the land, I make offering to the Sea God, who receives all roads in the end, and thus encompasses all travelers on them.
Rider on the Waves, may the enclosing be of protection, not incarceration.
And even the sea is in the care of the Earth, lying across Her like a jewel around the neck of a beautiful woman,
and even the Sea God Her child.
So I make this fourth and final offering before setting out to the Earth,
ending my prayer where all roads and sea and traveling begins.