Prayer to Eostre

Born new each morning, you are always young,
a beautiful girl, a welcome child.
It is with particular joy that we see you again on this morning, Eostre,
that is to say "She Who Rises",
for your rising today is not just the rising of the day but the rising of the year,
not just the day's dawn, but the year's.
The Sun that follows will be magnificent, and our praises of Him will be proper.
But He shouldn't get all the glory, Dawn Goddess, for you come too, announcing that He's coming, yes,
but worth a prayer or two of your own.
We therefore break our anticipation and stop a while to look at this young girl you are,
Eostre who brings today this day's dawn, which is the dawn of the year,
reaching up and rising, red in the eastern sky.
This is the day that ushers in the time of light,
and it is the coming of a girl who brings it:
Persephone, Maiden no more, gives birth to the spring.