Prayer to Brighid

Brighid, Brighid, fire.
Brighid, Brighid, poet.
Brighid, Brighid, healer.
Brighid, Brighid, smith.
Inspiring one, Brighid, Brighid.
Loving one, Brighid, Brighid.
Welcoming one, Brighid, Brighid.
Protecting one, Brighid, Brighid.
Brighid, who guards children, Brighid.
Brighid, who warms the homeless, Brighid.
Brighid, who watches over the helpless, Brighid.
Brighid, who enwraps the bereft, Brighid.
Brighid, Brighid, hear our prayers;
our prayers here, Brighid, Brighid.
Your children call upon their mother,
upon their mother, Brighid,
upon you, Brighid, Brighid,
upon you,
upon you, Brighid.