Prayer of Praise to Thor

With ruddy beard and unwithstandable crashing hammer, you wage unceasing battle against giants and serpents,
all of whom fall before you, Thor; even the greatest snake of all,
the World-Encircling Serpent, your oldest enemy,
will know your hammer bringing it to death in the end.
Yet such immense and divine power,
which someone like you could easily wield against anyone according to your whim,
which streams in you as if it were blood, suffusing every cell of your divine body,
urging you on to battle,
that most, gods and men, giants and dwarves,
would be unable to rein in;
you can control it, Thunderer.
You take the side of the common folk against everyone who tries to oppress them.
How easy it would be for you to be an oppressor yourself, Thor!
But your brusque facade hides a noble heart,
and so you know true nobility when you see it,
nobility, not of blood, but of deeds and honor.
For fighting on the side of true order I praise Thor!