Midsummer Prayer to the Sun

Stop for a moment, Sun, your burning and turning wheel's rolling.
Stop to smile down with love and approval on the Earth spread broad beneath you.
Smile as you have done since Her birth, billions of years ago, when She formed from random tumbling rocks, floating in your gravitational field;
floating, disorganized, until they joined together through their own gravitational field,
until they formed Her, on whom we stand today, looking up at you smiling in the sky.
When She was formed, burning and turning wheel, your loving gaze on Her brought forth life from the dead rock and barren dust,
life that changed, that evolved into the vast numbers of living things spread out across Her,
all tracing their lives back to that one common Ancestor whose birth you conceived with your rays.
And one of those species is our own, this member of which stands here today, looking up at you, smiling down on us, we standing here on this longest day.
Stop for a moment, your wheel that burns, that turns; stop your rolling,
and stand with us, smiling down on those who smile up at you.