Group Gathering Prayer

We come together today as a community to worship the Undying Ones.
This is as it should be; it is not good for people to be alone.
When we evolved from the species that came before us it wasn't just our larger brains that gave us an edge,
it wasn't just the tools that our larger brains inspired us to make that did this,
it wasn't just the upright stance that allowed us to use those tools easily that improved our ability to survive.
Most of all it was community.
It was our love of having other humans around us,
to help us when we were weak, to be helped when they were weak,
to be protected and to protect,
to be loved by and to love,
to gather together to reassure ourselves, to know that things will be okay.
That is one of the great strengths of our species.
It is part of us, not decided on, but written into our bodies, encoded in our DNA.
We may need guidance and explanations to live well in communities, but we do not need outside information to know that we must live together as communities. It is who we are.
So when we come together as a community to worship today, we are doing something that is precisely a human thing to do.
When we worship as a community, we are worshiping as fully human beings.
Let us join now in worship.