Locker/Desk Drawer Feather Web Spell


  • Package of black feathers
  • Several yards of gold cord
  • 13 small bells
  • Glue
  • Perfume or aftershave
  • White candle (optional)

The night before school starts, sit quietly in your room and think about what you want to accomplish this year. Form a picture in your mind of how you want the year to progress for you.

Cast a magick circle, cleanse and empower all supplies.

Tie the string around individual feathers and add the bells where you like. Use glue to secure the knots around the feathers. Make the garland as long or as short as you desire. Say the following chant while working on your web of protection:
"The Witch is the magick, the web is the protection, the bells clear the air, the feathers brush away danger."

When the garland is finished, repeat the incantation seven times, spray with perfume or aftershave, then clap your hands over the project. Hang at the back of your locker or in your desk drawer.

Re-empower every thirty days by spraying lightly with the perfume/aftershave.

Burn on the evening of the last day of school, thanking Spirit for the protection you received during the school year.