Locker/Desk Drawer Combat Jar Spell to Prevent Theft or for the Return of Items Stolen at School


  • Small, clean canning, jelly, or other glass jar with seal and lid
  • Picture of your school with the full name of the school written on the back
  • Black indelible marker
  • Small rubber snake that will fit in the jar
  • 1 raven feather
  • 3 nails

One a full moon, cast a magick circle.

Take the picture of the school and roll it as tightly as possible, then place it in the jar with the feather, nails, and the snake. Hold your hands over the jar, and say:
"From the void to the action
From the action to the Spirit
From the Spirit to the manifestation.
All evil is caught and replaced by light
Force and form unite
There is no escape.
So mote it be!"

Seal the jar.

Repeat the chant seven times while slowly drawing a spiral from the outside of the lid to the center.

Place the jar in the back corner of your locker.

Throw in the garbage at home on the evening of the last day of school.