Libra Energy Spell


  • Canvas or paper
  • Paints
  • Music
  • Incense

Time: Friday, Venus hour, moon or sun in Libra

First, paint the symbol of Venus and Libra on the canvas or paper. These symbols can be the focal point, or used as a smaller part of your overall design.

Play your favorite music, something that you think speaks to you about the situation at hand or talent you wish to cultivate. Spend as much time working on the painting as you like. The idea is not to perfectly represent the desire, but to imbue the canvas with the emotions that you would like to create in your life.

If you begin to worry or allow your mind to wander into a negative thought pattern, stop. Come back to the work when you have cleansed those impure emotions from your mind. Burning a pleasing incense while painting also helps to keep a positive, upbeat focus. Add spirals that begin from the outside, circling into the center of the canvas, while concentrating on pulling toward you the energies that you desire.

When you are finished with the painting, hold your hands over the work and empower by sharing with Spirit, as clearly as possible, your need. Seal the painting by drawing an equal-arm cross in the air over the painting.

Use the painting as an altar decoration while working other magicks for the same purpose.