Leo Energy Spell


  • Old CD that you no longer use
  • Gold foil or gold Christmas wrapping paper
  • Dried, crushed sunflower or marigold petals
  • Yellow powder
  • Gold glitter
  • Dried orange peel
  • Yellow dock
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Gold candle

Time: Sunday, sun hour, moon or sun in Leo, or noon

Find an old CD that you no longer wish to play. Place it in the center of gold foil or old gold Christmas wrapping paper. Make sure CD rests on the back of the paper.

Over the CD sprinkle the following mixture: dried, crushed sunflower or marigold petals, yellow powder, gold glitter, dried orange peel, and the herb yellow dock. With your finger or a pencil, write the symbols of the sun and Leo in the mixture.

Carry the foil, CD, and mixture carefully to where it will be covered in strong sunlight. Hold your hands over your supplies and state your petition clearly. Allow the sun to shine on your project for at least thirty minutes, then slowly fold the gold foil over the CD and magickal powder. Secure edges with tape.

On a gold candle, mark your name and the sigils of the sun and Leo. Place the candle on the gold foil CD and allow candle to burn completely. Reaffirm your petition throughout the day as you gaze at the candle for a few moments.

Put the CD in the area where you wish to shine.