Leave Me Alone Spell


  • 2 image candles (1 for you and 1 for the person)
  • A white candle
  • Ribbon
  • Knife or iron nail

If you don't have access to image candles, one in your favorite color for you and in their favorite color for him will do just fine.

Now, take the candle that represents you and with the tip of a knife or an iron nail (previously unused) inscribe your name. On the one to represent him/her, inscribe his/her name. On the white candle, inscribe as follows:
“That which will make (name) happier than he/she thinks that I will.”

Take the candles and place on the cookie sheet and tie the ribbon around each candle to connect all three. Then light the candles that represent the two of you, and let them burn for a few minutes. Light the white candle, and say these words:
"You feel something drawing you away from me, and of me you wish to be free."

Cut the ribbon between the candle that represents you and he/she, and leave the ribbon between his/her candle and the white candle connected, and take the candle that represents you and march it further from his/her candle, saying these words:
"You feel something replace the need you have for me, and as I do will so mote it be!"

Take your candle off the sheet entirely and let his/her candle and the white candle burn out. You can either put yours out or let it burn in a holder across the room, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

When both the other candles have burned out, if there is any candle wax left over, put it in a brown paper bag and wrapped with anything you might have that has some connection to the person you are sending away.

If possible, bury it on their property, or simply dispose of the remains nearby them, but away from you.