Laying a Job to Rest Spell


  • Items from your old job you didn't have to return
  • Bowl of spring water
  • Fresh mint
  • Stick or rod
  • Black cloth
  • White candle
  • Incense

During the third or fourth quarter moon, lay the black cloth on the altar. Place the items from your old job on the cloth. Crush the mint and float in the bowl of spring water. Light the candle, asking for the light of deity to enter your heart. Pass the candle flame over all items, saying:
"Light and darkness meld this night, from under the pond and over the head. The light of the night and the light of the day, banish impurity and send it away. Stars, air, water — spirit, soul, body — the fire above, the fire below, as I wish, this will be so."

Breathe the incense over all items, saying:
"Stars, air, water — spirit, soul, body — the air above, the air below, as I wish, this will be so."

Sprinkle the items on the black cloth with the spring water, repeating:
"Stars, air, water — spirit, soul, body — the water above, the water below, as I wish this will be so."

Gather up the four corners of the cloth and tie. Hold your hands over the cloth, and say:
"Guardians of the crossroads, release me from the bonds of (say place of employment). Sever all negative connections between myself and (say the place and anyone there who was cruel or unkind to you), and anyone who worked against me. Prepare for me a new employment pathway, filled with light, love, and happiness. So mote it be."

Bury the bundle off your property, preferably as close as you can to a crossroads. Pour the water on the ground in front of your house. Allow the candle to burn, or light every day for seven minutes until it has burned completely.