Key to Success Spell


  • Brand-new padlock and key
  • Small, red, terra-cotta pottery dish
  • White paint
  • Brush
  • Taglock or representation of the success you wish to achieve
  • Herbs to match your intent
  • Taper candle in the color that matches your intent
  • Pen and paper
  • Fire-safe cauldron

Determine whether "success" in this instance refers to locking or unlocking energies. If you will be unlocking something, start with the lock closed. If you want to lock something, begin with the lock opened. Paint the Spirit circle or a pentacle on the inside of the dish and allow to dry.

Cleanse, consecrate, and empower all items.

Whether the lock will be opened or closed, place the key in the lock (it must remain there throughout the spell). Make sure that your statement of intent is clear. Cast the magick circle and all the quarters. Breath deeply several times, then ground and center. State your intent aloud, then begin chanting the vowel sounds. Place the red dish in the center of the altar. Stare at the dish, envisioning the quantum physics idea of the crossroads between this level of reality and the sub-quantum level. Imagine these crossroads opening, providing you with the ability to change your reality. Keep chanting "A-E-I-O-U" until the image of the dish wavers or your eyes get a little swimmy.

Continue chanting the same sounds as you place the paper on the red dish and sprinkle your chosen herbs on top. Continuing to chant, empower the candle and light it. Finally, add the taglock on top of the herbs. Continue to stare at the dish while chanting, envisioning the pattern of what you want coming together and rising out of the vortex of the crossroads. When you feel you are ready, pick up the lock and either open it or close it with a flourish and stop chanting. Place the lock on top of all the items, and say very loudly:
"I know my wish has been granted. May this spell not reverse or place upon me any curse, and may all astrological correspondences be correct for this working. So mote it be!"

Allow the candle to completely burn down, close the quarters and take up the circle.

Twenty-four hours later, cast your circle again, call the quarters and begin the chant again. Burn all the items in the dish in a fire-safe cauldron or pot, believing that what you desire is in the process of manifestation. Visualize it rising from the vortex painted on the red dish. Stop chanting when the fire dies or when you are sure your visualization is complete. Take the key out of the lock and wear it around your neck until your desire has manifested. Release the quarters and take up the circle. Scatter the ashes to the wind and bury the cold candle end on or off your property, depending on whether you were drawing something to you or pushing something away. When your desire has manifested, de-magick the lock and key. You can use it again for the same type of working.