Jumbo Candle Spell


  • 1 jumbo candle in your choice of color
  • Magickal oil to match your desire
  • Pencil
  • Drum or other musical instrument
  • Candle snuffer
  • White handkerchief

Think of your desire.

Mark the candle in seven equal increments with the pencil and dress with the oil. Each day at the same time, light the candle.

Meditate on the flame as you drum, sing, chant, or play a musical instrument of your choice for fifteen to twenty minutes. When you are finished, say: “As I desire.”

Then repeat your intention. Say: “So mote it be!” As you snuff out the candle.

At the end of the seventh meditation/drumming session, extinguish the candle, and say: “My will is done.”

Once the candle ends cool, bury in a white handkerchief.