Jiffy Job Spell


  • Piece of white paper
  • Small empty matchbox
  • Grated orange peel
  • Few grains of rice
  • Cinnamon
  • Small bowl
  • Pen/pencil

In sacred space, write on the paper everything you are looking for in a job, including money you want, the type of environment, the hours, the kind of people you want to work with, etc. Be as specific as possible. Fold the paper as small as you can. Hold the paper in your hand and ask your guardian angel to help you find the right job for you. Put the paper in the matchbox.

Mix the orange peel, rice, and cinnamon in the bowl. Hold your hands over the bowl and say:
"Element of Earth, fruits of your bounty,
Please bring me a job that's just right for me."

Add the contents of the bowl to the matchbox. Close the matchbox and hold it in your hands, close your eyes and say:
"Sun and stars, moon and comment,
Bring me the best employment."

Repeat as often as you can, visualizing yourself happy in a new job. Take the matchbox outside and place in the sunlight for an hour. Ask the sun to empower your job box with success. Carry the box with you until you receive the job you want. After your first day on the job, de-magick the box, burn the paper and scatter the herbs to the winds. Keep the box.