Invocation to the God and Goddess

I gazed upon your faces
in the darkness and the light
I sought your wisdom in the stars
in the fabric of the night.
I look in books both new and old,
and hear my own heart beating
I looked to find your story,
and so I kept on reading.
To think a thing and make it happen was your gift to all.
So simple, yet so difficult,
yet you're there at beck and call
in every flower, leaf, and bud,
in cat, and snake, and bee
but what is most amazing
is that you are found in me.
Perfect love and perfect peace
will make conditions right
and from that place that's not a place
the form will come to light.
I lift my heart to touch you,
there is magick to be done
and all I need is knowing
that you and I are One.