Invocation of the Elements

Come to me Air, so cool and clear
My words come with ease and also no fear
Give me sharp mental focus, creativity too
So that positive ends spring from all I do.

Come to me Fire, brilliant and bright
Give me strength and forth rightness all through my life
Warm me with truth and power to set right
Whatever is wrong through love and into light.

Come to me Water, silky and free
Compassion and empathy now give to me
For soothing life's troubles, both mine and my friends'
Understanding and peace from your rivers send.

Come to me Earth, plants, animals and gold
Allow me to grow with the grace of a doe
Serene and content, with reverence for all
Give me purpose, stability and the will to stand tall

Come to me Akasha, my spirit transformed
By all the elements, Your blessing perform
Help me to balance all I receive
So that this Witch's life says to all, Blessed Be!