Invocation of the Crone

Behold the Crone
Dancer of Time
Completion of the Sacred Cycle

She Who is Wisdom
Beloved, respected and feared
Honored as Grandmother, Ancestress and Hag

In the end ~ there is beginning,
Death brings Birth, Life renews through Her

Behold the Crone, Dance of Time
Mother of worlds, Maiden of re-birth
Child of the next generation

Dancing through Time
She who cuts the cords of life and death,
Grandmother of all

The Crone comes,
Silently, powerfully, relentlessly
Crossing space and time,
Holding the threads of life and death
Mistress of endings and beginnings

Speaking through elders
I am the Crone.
The Grandmother — The wisdom of Age,
I am Hecate, I am Kali, I am the Eternal One

I cross space and time
Holding the threads of life and death,
Mistress of endings and beginnings

I am the completion of the Cycle
Maiden — Mother — Crone,
I have come as the Goddess,
And in me all life renews
All things are possible

The Crone comes dancing
Silently, powerfully, relentlessly,
To all