Invisibility Spell


  • Cloak
  • Cord
  • 4 dark candles
  • Incense
  • 4 red candles
  • Athame

Time: Waning moon

This is a two person spell.

Wrap the person in your cloak and seat them on the floor of the environment prepared for the spell. Coil your cord around them closely, forming a tight circle. Place the four dark candles at the compass points just outside this little circle.

Cast a circle around you and the inner circle. Light the four dark candles and the incense.

Encircle the cloaked figure seven times, Widdershins, visualizing deeper and deeper the mist forming around them with each step. Facing the little circle from the gate of Earth, banish the person, by the power of Earth, by describing the banishing pentagram of Earth with your athame. You will do likewise for Air, Fire, and Water.

When this is done, take the incense and walk around the person in the opposite direction (deosil), seven times. You will then open your own circle with your athame and ground the energy as you have been taught. Blow out the candles — Earth, Air, Fire, and Water — and undo the little cord circle, coiling the cord as you do so (you will not uncoil the cord until the time frame is complete and when you re-circle the person to undo the enchantment). Remove the cloak and put it away. Tell the person not to speak to you again until they return. Tell them to dress inconspicuously as possible during the time frame, to be as normal as usual, and to discourage eye contact with others as much as possible. Then tell them to leave.

Keep the four dark candles for the rite of completion, but have four red candles ready for that night.

When the time frame is over and the person comes back to you, you will repeat part one up to where you originally encircled them seven times (you won’t do that this time).

Describe an invoking pentagram of Earth at the Earth gate, directed inward toward the cloaked figure in the circle of your circle, then Air, Fire, and Water. When this is done, you are to uncoil the cord and leave it loose on the floor. Then remove the cloak.

Light a red candle from the dark candle at Earth, snuff out the dark candle, remove it from the holder, and replace it with the red candle. Do the same for Air, Fire, and Water. Have the person step out of the ring of candles and stand, waiting, while you disengage your own outer circle and earth the power. Only then will you snuff the red candles.

Tell the person:
“You’re back. You will stay back.
I will not do this for you again.
Take these candles and get rid of them.
(hand them the dark candles)
Don’t keep them and don’t leave them available
For anyone else to burn!
Go in peace,
But you must phone me within twenty-four hours
Just to have a quick, casual conversation.”

The phone call is to fully earth the rite. It must be done.

When the person leaves, take a shower with the intent of reviving the field of the enchantment from your own field.