Initiation Ritual: Initiate's Copy

Clothing Color: White

Initiate is invited into the chat.

Initiate: "My name is (Given Name) I beg entry."

Quarter Call

Opening Prayer

Initiate: “I, (name), am properly prepared to take the rite of initiation. I have no fear. I am committed to this."

Initiate: "To worship the gods in whom I believe and to become one with them and with my brothers and sisters of the Craft."

Initiate: "I bring nothing but my True Self, naked and unadorned."

Initiate: "I salute the Lord and the Lady, as I salute those who represent them. I pledge my love and support to them and to my brothers and sisters of the Craft."

Initiate: "I do. (Basis of the creed)."

Initiate: "I do."

Reading of the Creed

Guided Meditation



Initiate: "I come with perfect love and perfect trust."

Initiate: "I am here to become one with the Lord and the Lady; to join in worship of them."

Initiate: "None made me come, for I am here of my own choosing."

Initiate: "I do."

Initiate: "I am."

Initiate places his or her left hand on the top of their heart: "All within here belongs to the Gods. So mote it be."

Initiate: "I willingly swear to keep silent all that must be kept silent, and to respect that which is taught to me. So mote it be."

Initiate: "I willingly swear to respect and protect the confidence of all who I meet in this Circle and all who seek our aid, revealing their identities to no one except by their explicit permission. So mote it be.”

Initiate: (Repeats)

Initiate: "All of these things I do swear, on the two perfect words, Love and Trust, by my mother's womb and my hope of future lives, knowing well that my heart has been read by the Mighty Ones. Should I fail utterly in my oaths, may my powers desert me, and may my own tools turn against me. With all these things, I will uphold my oath rightly. So mote it be.”

Initiate: "I have. It is (Craft Name)."

Quarter Farewelling

Ending Prayer