Imprint Your Aura for Success


  • Your study materials
  • Something you’ll be allowed with you
  • Soft music (optional)

Find a comfortable position. Hold your lucky item in your hand and close your eyes.

Take three to five deep, even breaths. As you inhale, think of pure white light entering your body. As you exhale, allow your worries and troubles to slip away from you. Count backward from ten to one.

Now see yourself on the day of the test entering the examination room. If you can’t see pictures in your mind, think of feeling relaxed and composed as you walk through the door and find your seat. See yourself taking the test, calm and relaxed, feeling happy that you know every answer. In your mind connect with the lucky item with a 100 percent grade on that test.

Move forward in time to the day when the teacher hands back the papers. See yourself smiling as you look at that fantastic grade. If you can visualize well, see the grade and even a comment written on the paper, like “Great job!” or “Excellent work!”.

Take another deep breath and open your eyes. Continue to study.

On the day of the test, be sure to take your lucky item with you. If you start to panic during the test, or feel unsure of yourself, touch the lucky item, take a deep breath, and then continue.