Imbolc/Candlemas Invocation

Coronet of candles, each flame a golden jewel
Saturn Lord withdraws his cloak
Yet retains his rule.
Lambs bleat season’s greetings
Spring’s essence on their breath
The sun pays homage to the sky
In Aquarius.
The Lord and Lady dance the waltz
Within the magick round
To banish all that isn’t pure
And prime the sacred ground.
The Cailleach swirls her tempest skirts
To raise the season’s storms
That which lies within her wake
Will surely be reborn.
The time has come for tilling
To arrange for harvest’s gain
The right amount of seed and skill
Of wind and sacred rain
Are needed to perform the task
Of planning for my future
I conjure such by Breid’s bright word
And nothing will refute her.
The cat that leaps is not
The cat that lands upon the stair
I conjure things that others think
Appear from thinnest air
yet superimposition reigns
My choice a pattern set.
(Insert what you wish for here)
My power grows, the light ignites
Desires manifest!