Hot Wheels Spell


  • Toy car
  • Piece of white paper
  • Green pen
  • 17 inch long green ribbon or green rubber band
  • Pen/pencil

List all the things you want the car to have and what you want the car to look like. Be as specific as possible with your list.

In sacred space, draw a circle around your list. Put the car in the center of the paper. Fold the paper gently around the toy car and then tie with a green ribbon or wrap with a green rubber band. Hold the car in your hand and say:
"Holy Mother, bring to me,
A car that's perfect just for me."

Close your eyes and visualize the car as you wish that car to be. See yourself happily driving the car. Keep the car and paper with you until your wish manifests.

If you do not get the car within thirty days, reinforce the spell with the same chant in sacred space. Do every thirty days until you can get the car.