Honest Love Spell


  • Incense
  • 1 white candle
  • 1 dried flower
  • 1 mirror

If you're not sure your love with a special someone is honest and true, this is the spell to try. If he/she doesn't love you, chances are good you'll break up (same result if you don't really love him/her). (Note: Be sure you really want to know, no matter the outcome, before trying this.)

Light the incense. If you wish to cast a circle (highly recommended), do so now. Invoke the Goddess of Love (from whichever pantheon you prefer). Light the candle and place it in front of the mirror. Sit in front of the candle while holding the flower. Start crushing the flower while chanting three times(look into the mirror on the third time):
“If he/she loves me,
Help our love stay true.
If he's/she's being false to me,
Let our love fail
Before the week's end.”

Put the candle flame out by dropping flower petals on to the flame (do be very careful! Quickly is best to snuff the flame and avoid catching fire). Thank the Goddess and release the circle (if you cast one).

*It says "week's end," but it may take a couple weeks, so don't get mad, if a few weeks afterwords you break up.